Monday, July 30, 2012

Toastmasters Leadership Institute – August 7

Your next opportunity to attend the amazing Summer 2012 TLI hosted by the incredible Areas 61 & 62 Governors, Jef Conn & Robyne Vaughn, will be Tuesday, August 7, from6pm until 9pm at the Home Plate Diner, 7615 University.
Please do not bring in any outside food or drink; instead, plan to purchase something to eat and/or drink from the restaurant. We want to show them just how much we appreciate them allowing us to use their facility.
District 23 is also offering some incentives for training attendance. We all know that having at least 4 officers attending TLI  helps us meet half of one goal on the DCP. But did you know that every club having all 7 officers attend will receive a “Perfect 7″ ribbon for your club banner and 2 Competent Leader manuals? Clubs having 4-6 officers attend will receive 1 Competent Leader manual.
Toastmasters club with trained officers are generally stronger clubs. Dedication to having a quality club starts at the top, with the officers, and trickles down to the membership. Make sure that your club isn’t settling for anything but the very best. Send your members to TLI, not just your officers!
If you have any questions about the upcoming Toastmasters Leadership Institute, please contact your Area Governor.

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