Monday, October 29, 2012

Division F Evaluation & Tall Tales Contests

We had a great time at the Division F Evaluation & Tall Tales contests on Saturday, October 27, 2012.  We were honored to have District 23 Lieutenant Governor Marketing, Jim McCabe, in attendance.  

fr left: Dustin Wells, Laura Edge, Vicky Ma, Mary Ann Gordon, Michelle Leatherwood, Will Bess, Liz Langford

Area 62 Governor, Robyne Vaughn gave a wonderful speech, "How to Hold an Effective, Enjoyable, and Productive Meeting," for the Evaluation contestants to evaluate.  Mary Ann Gordon, Vicky Ma and Laura Edge all did a fantastic job evaluating Robyne's speech.  The 1st Place Contestant, advancing to the District Evaluation Contest, was Mary Ann Gordon.

Jim McCabe, Mary Ann Gordon, Jef Conn
We got to hear four delightful Tall Tales.  Dustin Wells wowed us with his tale "Victory in the Ocean."  Michelle Leatherwood told a suspenseful tale "Dec 24, Christmas Eve."  Liz Langford shared her amazing story "I Caught a Fish THIS Big!."  And Will Bess had us laughing with "Don't Tell My Momma."  The 1st Place Contestant, advancing to the District Tall Tales Contest, was Will Bess.

Jim McCabe, Will Bess, Jef Con

At the end of the afternoon, a drawing was held for a $25 gift card from United Supermarkets.  Laura Edge was the winner of the drawing.

Congratulations to all our winners: Mary Ann Gordon, Will Bess and Laura Edge!

And a great big THANK YOU to two of the hardest working Toastmasters in attendance, our timers Jack Gordon and Tracy Thomason.

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