Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Eloquent Raiders Host Demo Meeting at Texas Tech's Rawl College of Business

November 5, 2012, the newest Toastmasters club in Lubbock, the Eloquent Raiders, hosted a demonstration meeting for students in Texas Tech's Rawls College of Business.  There were over 160 students who attended the demonstration to learn more about Toastmasters and how Toastmasters can help them in both the personal and professional lives.
Member Testimonials
To view the video in its entirety, go to http://youtu.be/9vGk1J8ZDUg

Tech Law School Associate Director discusses last minute details
with Area 62 Governor Robyne Vaughn, the meeting organizer.

Toastmasters from across Lubbock assist the Eloquent Raiders in their final preparations.

Students are arriving.

Rawls College of Business Professor visiting with Stacy Cain, Mentor for Eloquent Raiders.

Students still arriving.

This screen is amazing. It's a Toastmasters dream!

More member testimonials.

And more testimonials.

Eloquent Raiders, Libby Graham & Haley Balko preparing for their  meeting roles.

Eloquent Raiders President, Tyler Benting.

Eloquent Raider, Danny Squire

Eloquent Raider, Haley Balko

Toastmasters Area 61 Governor, Jef Conn, ACB, ALB giving the audience the objectives for the first presentation.

Eloquent Raider, Libby Graham, "Ice-Breaker"

Eloquent Raider, Uwe Beltz, giving the audience the objectives for the second presentation.

Toastmaster, David Liao, "Creating the Moment"

Toastmasters Area 61 Governor, giving the evaluation for the first presentation.

Eloquent Raider, Uwe Beltz, evaluation the second presentation.

Eloquent Raider, Danny Squire, participating in Table Topics

Toastmaster, Paula Wilkinson, DTM, participating in Table Topics

Closing Remarks from the Eloquent Raiders Mentor, Stacy Cain.


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