Monday, July 1, 2013

Lubbock is Distinguished!

Six clubs in Lubbock and both Areas in Lubbock received Distinguished honors from Toastmasters International.

Distinguished Clubs

Distinguished clubs are clubs that have met at least five of the ten goals in the Distinguished Club Program and have either

  • an active membership of 20 or more members,
  • or, a net gain of 5 members from the start of the year.

Distinguished Clubs (5 or 6 DCP goals achieved)

  • South Plains Toastmasters

President's Distinguished Clubs (9 or 10 DCP goals achieved)

  • Articulate Club
  • Downtown Club
  • Lubbock Club
  • Toasters Club

(A Select Distinguished status exists for clubs achieving either 7 or 8 goals and meeting the membership requirements.)

Distinguished Areas

Both Area 61 and Area 62 also achieved Distinguished status.

Area 61 achieved Distinguished status by having 50% of the clubs in the Area achieve Distinguished status. Those clubs were the Articulate and Lubbock clubs.

Area 62 achieved President's Distinguished status by having 50% of the clubs in the Area plus one achieve Distinguished status as well as adding one new clubs to the Area.  The Distinguished clubs were Downtown, South Plains, and Toasters.  The new club was Eloquent Raiders.

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