Friday, February 22, 2013

New Events Planned to Promote Toastmasters....Volunteers Needed!!

We're making a serious effort in Lubbock to increase membership just for the fun of having more members in our clubs.  The related benefit is that we may qualify for a higher Distinguished Club Program status. 

Just like meetings are  more fun when all the roles are filled and the room is full of audience members who provide love and support, volunteer opportunities are more fun with big group!

Here are some new opportunities for Lubbock Toastmasters to take advantage of to try to increase their membership base.

Consider working together as a club to man a certain chunk of time or just dropping by to help for a few moments, even if you don't sign up for a slot.  Drop-ins are always welcome!

All the preparations have been made; we just need you to help man the table. And you could get credit in your Competent Leadership manual for assisting with a membership campaign.  Be sure to bring your manual with you to the event.

You sign up to volunteer for any of the events at .

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