Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Out and About

Over the weekend, several Lubbock Toastmasters came together to set up marketing tables at both Mardel Christian Bookstore and South Plains Mall.  Using the tried and true approach of talking to people face to face, they met hundreds of people from Lubbock and the surrounding cities and invited them to attend Toastmasters clubs and, in a few cases, talked with them about setting up new clubs in their home towns.

The marketing table idea came from Uwe Beltz of WWJS Toastmasters and Eloquent Raiders.  Area 62 Governor Robyne Vaughn organized the event by drafting volunteers from clubs in both of Lubbock's areas, Area 61 and Area 62, and securing venues to host the marketing tables.  Volunteers fed off each others' energy and personally invited hundreds of people to Toastmasters as well as getting them signed up to win one of two books, Tribal Leadership and The 360° Leader.  Visitors also received a Toastmasters brochure which included an insert listing every club in Lubbock along with details like meeting date & time, location, website, and personal contact info for a club representative.

Volunteers included Michelle Leatherwood from Llano Estacado, Gary Johnson from Toasters, Debbie Robertson and Michael Oden from Downtown Toastmasters, and, of course, Robyne and Uwe.

More marketing tables are coming soon.  Come out and support your club! Or if you're not a Toastmaster, come out and find out more.

Marketing table in the Mardel foyer
Uwe and Michelle at Mardel
Debbie at Mardel
Uwe talking up Toastmasters at Mardel
Michael and Uwe at South Plains Mall
Debbie at South Plains Mall
Debbie, Michael, and Gary (facing right) at South Plains Mall
Robyne, Michael, and Gary at South Plains Mall

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