Saturday, September 14, 2013

Area 61/62 Humorous and Evaluation Contest Results

Lt. Governor Marketing Jef Conn welcomes the
audience to the Area 61 & 62 Fall Contests
The Texas Tech School of Law, home to the Eloquent Raiders club, hosted the Area 61 & 62 Humorous Speech and Evaluation contests this morning.

Area Governors Ernee Kozyreff and Uwe Beltz put the contest together and recruited Jef Conn, our district's Lieutenant Governor Marketing, to take the role of Toastmaster.  Additionally, Ernee covered the chief judge duties while Uwe embraced the role of test speaker for the Evaluation contest.

The first and second place finishers will advance to the Division F contest on Saturday, October 5th, at the Texas Tech School of Law.

The contest results are:

Area 61 - Humorous SpeechArea 62 - Humorous Speech
1st - Amber Marsh1st - Patrick McMahan
2nd - Weston Waldo
3rd - Lakshmi Muthu Kumar
Area 61 - EvaluationArea 62 - Evaluation
1st - Zhiqiang Wu1st - Tim Evans
2nd - Lakshmi Muthu Kumar

Area 61 Humorous - Lakshmi Kumar, Jef Conn, and
Weston Waldo (Amber Marsh not pictured)
Area 62 Humorous - Jef Conn and Patrick McMahan
Area 61 Evaluation - Zhiqiang Wu, Jef Conn, and
Lakshmi Kumar
Area 62 Evaluation - Jef Conn and Tim Evans
Jef interviews the contestants
Uwe Beltz delivers the test speech for the
Evaluation contest
Good luck at Division, everyone!

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