Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Robyne Vaughn Named Area Governor of the Year

Robyne Vaughn
Robyne Vaughn, Area 62 Governor for the 2012-13 Toastmasters year, received District 23's Area Governor of the Year award on Saturday, October 19, 2013, at the District 23 Fall Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Robyne and the other finalists, Irelanette Broadnax of El Paso and Jen Cody Martin of Albuquerque, were honored during the Hall of Fame luncheon during the conference and then Immediate Past District Governor TK O'Geary named Robyne as the recipient of the annual award.

Among other notable accomplishments, Robyne was one of only two Area Governors, along with Jen Cody Martin, to achieve a President's Distinguished area.  Robyne was recognized for her tireless marketing efforts.  She engineered the two largest demo meetings in the district's history and brought in over 300 audience members in the two events. She also worked orchestrated a "marketing tables" campaign that made contact with thousands of people across multiple locations and dates.

Robyne is a member of the Downtown club and a frequent visitor and helper to all the Toastmasters clubs in Lubbock.

Congratulations, Robyne!

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